Featured Project

Cali Caricature first gave us a call last October looking to create custom signs for the booth they held at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Aimee Lew, being a graphic artist herself, designed the artwork that fit the feel of her company and also helped us in the process of making some important decisions:

Which materials would be best suited for her lively images? How can we ensure the colors would match up perfectly?

With a little back and forth, our staff at PPD discussed how the signs could be made durable, sturdy, and still POP with color. Off those conversations, we made our recommendations to Aimee and consulted with her on how she would like to see her signs placed on the booth.

The exciting process also had its challenges along the way. Throughout the proofing process, we were keen on tracking the changing dimensions of the artwork and the type of installation that fit best on the booth.

Wanting to ensure the panels fit nicely, we printed out a life-size paper template for Aimee to hold up against the booth’s sides. From there, it was smooth sailing.

Following a consultation on color matching and a final check-in with her colleagues, we were ready to make these signs a reality!

We fabricated the signs by digital printing the images on vinyl and cutting the panels to the shape of the prints. Fabrication was quick and seamless with little hardship.

Likewise, a few hours of installation with the sun shining left the booth looking more ready than ever to bring more smiles to Santa Cruz County!

For future bookings with Cali Caricature, visit their booth location at 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 or check out their website for more information.