Case Studies


3.jpgCalifornia Giant Berry contracted PPD to design, construct and install nine 4’x 8’ billboards. The design concept was to promote the Giant brand of berries as well as promote the “local” company. We designed a few concepts and ultimately the campaign was comprised of 4 different layouts with the same headline “From our family to yours”

While the campaign was being finalized we went to work building the frames. The overall size of the frames are 8’ x 14’ pressure treated 4” x 4” post primed and painted with white enamel. We assembled the frames at the shop and had them ready to install.

The signs were digitally printed full color on hi performance vinyl with satin lamination to help protect and extend the life of the print. We then sheeted the prints onto 1/2” MDO panels which were painted and sealed with white enamel.

Once all of the 5 different locations were decided, we went out into the fields and pre drilled the holes with an 12” auger. We stacked the frames onto the flatbed truck along with 1,800 pounds of concrete. We then leveled and set all of the posts.

Now it was time for the finale! We loaded the truck with the signs and installed the panels to the existing frames. This project was completed in 2 weeks and the client was very pleased with the results and quality of our work.