About Us


Our Mission Statement:

"Our passion for creativity, hard work and excellent customer service
produces professional images and positive growth for our clients."

Since opening our first offices in 1991, PPD has successfully completed thousands of projects in every size and type, from designing logos and menus to creating complex websites. Family owned and run, we treat every client as our most important concern.

In today's competitive marketplace, image is more important than ever. In order to attract and keep customers, it's essential to project the quality, value and professional look of your business - and PPD can help you do just that.

What makes PPD Multimedia unique?

  • Our 22 years of experience, knowledge and expertise
  • Our professional integrity
  • Our cutting-edge technology
  • Our consistent, reliable quality
  • Our efficiency and attention to detail
  • Our range of technical skills and abilities
  • Our responsive style and competitive prices
  • Our customized service and individualized attention
  • Our team of talented technical experts and staff members
  • Our excellent track record and outstanding client feedback

Whether you want to create a new project or update your existing image, our team of professionals is ready to help you and your business succeed in these competitive times.


“ Thanks for the superb work you did on designing and producing 27 different displays for our college and career night. They were nothing short of spectacular! Be very proud of the fabulous work you and your team have done. Because we sure are.”

- Mary Planding, Director of Marketing & Communications
Cabrillo College