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Xhibit Lite is a low-cost networked digital signage system that delivers and displays HD content on digital displays. Includes content apps & widgets for displaying YouTube videos, dynamic weather, event listings and more.

Xhibit Lite comes bundled with a free-of-cost, cloud-based digital signage software (XhibitSignage), for centrally managing digital signage content, playlists and playback schedules. The web-based platform enables remote management via a standard web browser from any internet-enabled device.

The system enables content automation through the use of multiple content apps and widgets. They include dynamic weather, YouTube, event listings, calendar/date display, live web pages, Youtube, RSS feeds, QR code and more.

The networked digital signage system also allows for zoned or full-screen layouts, reporting, multi-user management and comprehensive scheduling.


Features & Benefits

  • Full HD networkable digital signage system w/ HDMI
  • User defined zoned screen layouts (max 4 zones)
  • Dozens of content widgets for content automation e.g weather, calendar/date, RSS etc
  • Event listings widget for displaying calendar events e.g school events, company/corporate events, ministry classes, fitness classes, hotel events
  • Commercial-grade, solid-state storage
  • Live preview of content playback
  • Remote management over the internet
  • Playlist management, reporting and scheduling & day-parting
  • Low power consumption and insignificant maintenance cost

Where it’s Used

  • K-12, college and university campuses
  • Church, Synagogues, and Temples
  • Restaurants, QSRs, & Bars
  • Corporate offices
  • Gyms

View Sample Digital Sign Video Below

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